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Oh hey! I'm Jasmine (aka Mrs Gardiner) and most days you can find me in the kitchen with my small human, apron on and baking something delicious. Then it's all about clean up and energy burning (him mainly, by this stage I'm already shattered - where's the coffee?!) before we rinse and repeat the next day.

During my grown up time I'm usually sitting with a steaming cup of tea in front of my desk editing photographs and in my down time I'm reading a trashy romance novel, watching trashy Netflix (umm... theme there?!) with my husband, sleeping, trying to remember to exercise (somewhat sporadically - yep, thanks Clueless!), coming up with design plans for our new home, baking and sleeping.

As a parent (I've only been doing this a little over two years) and as someone's child (yep, two humans raised me, pretty sure they're humans, anyway...) I capturing the moments that sum up the everyday; hose fights, colouring in, park walks, sandy adventures and best of all those baking moments, the ones where you've no idea if the recipe will work there's so much flour on the bench! These are the moments I love; the ones you don't even realise are there. 

I also tend to waffle a little and talk in brackets. So, if you think I am likeminded human to yourself, or hey, perhaps you just really connect with my view of the world, then get in touch and lets make a date of it, I'll bring the cake!


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